Hairfinity Hair Vitamins- A Product Rave

I will only ever review and share products on my blog, that actually worked for me! Hairfinity reached out to me to try their products and as an avid lover, ofcourse I said yes! I will be including my progress pictures in this blog post. I can say my hair has improved greatly using these vitamins and I can strongly recommend them if you are looking to nourish your hair from the inside out. A major ingredient is Biotin which I have not had any negative side-effects from, but I would encourage you to increase your water intake and research this ingredient if you intend on taking Hairfinity. All photos are of my own real hair before and after using the vitamins.

Background on my Hair

I previously chemically relaxed my hair and I have also been natural. Currently I am having a keratin style treatment. My main concern with my hair has always been health and thickness and fullness, rather than length. Generally my hair has a slower growth rate in my opinion and I believe that over time this may actually increase. Technically speaking hair has different growth phases and the average person can be expected to see a growth rate of 1cm a month meaning 4-5 inches per year. My natural hair is extremely tightly coiled and within the last year I have stopped using chemical relaxers and now get a Brazilian straightening treatment called Replacement which is quite similar to Brazilian Keratin but different in many ways. I currently wear a protective style a sew in weave but I am considering braids r leaving my natural hair alone in the future. This is because my hairdresser has advised the salon treatment I am currently using will work best without putting tension ( pulling from braids) on my hair. My hair growth goal is about shoulder length and I hope I am able to see this growth soon!

My Hair Growth Story (Before/ After)

I definitely noticed tremendous improvement after just one month of using the hair vitamins. My hair appeared stronger and overall I had much less shedding. My hair is quite fine however I did notice the length of the strands increased. This happened using the vitamins for one month, after this I wanted to focus on improving my hair volume so I started taking the Volume Builder product, at the time my hair was in a bob and I did notice a great increase in thickness, unfortunately when I stopped taking this the volume of my hair decreased and it went back to normal. I would strongly suggest Hairfinity to anyone with textured hair looking to grow their hair longer. The vitamins due to the biotin content also encourage you to drink more water and I. definitely think this factor has a role to play in experiencing great hair growth.

Find the Hairfinity Vitamins here:|pcrid|80741858805|pkw|hairfinity|pmt|e|pdv|c&gclid=CjwKCAjwxo6IBhBKEiwAXSYBszaIJBHfsGCgmURqvg2GvctUgN8wLsO-St7a9UhPzTWzFgHQ3h_eGxoCodIQAvD_BwE

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