Brand Review: Fenty Beauty

My Fenty Beauty Foundation Collection (Foundation, Concealer and Powder shades 420, 390)

I first discovered Rihanna’s makeup line in Sephora in 2018, I couldn’t wait to go to Spain for Spanish food and culture but undeniably the thought of visiting the Sephora mecca in Barcelona was a huge pulling factor. I remember discovering the foundation like it was yesterday. I got shade matched 430 that day and it couldn’t be a more fitting shade. At the time it was summer and my shade was 430 although now I mostly wear 420 I kept this original bottle for the longest time as there was just something so special about one of my favourite music artists also having a makeup line that was inclusive. The shades in the Fenty Beauty range are highly inclusive, unlike some brands (50 shades of beige) Rihanna has filled the niche in the market for an array of shades for women of colour that is becoming easier to come by but unfortunately is still not always a norm. There are around 40 shades ranging from medium, pale to cool and it is extremely easy to find a match, in fact its likely you will suit two shades like myself.

Rihanna in Fenty Beauty Makeup

PROs of Fenty Beauty

  • Diverse shade range highly likely to suit most skin types ( oily skin friendly)
  • Silky, smooth finish and natural matte effect
  • Clean cosmetics free of unecessary harsh chemicals with a clean fresh scent ( not perfume heavy)
  • Rihanna’s Fenty Beauty is eco conscious
  • Positive customer reviews on the product
  • Large foundation bottle

CONs of Fenty Beauty

  • Not easy to find in the UK currently on Boots online but lack of in-store availability

Fenty Beauty Pro Filt’r Soft Mate Longwear Foundation Review

Named an award-winning foundation in 2018 by Allure this matte foundation is one of the best products in my opinion which Rihanna ever released from Fenty Beauty. At least, if you can’t get anything else and have normal-oily skin I would say this is a must try. For dry skin the alternative option would be the Pro Filt’r Hydrating foundation, which I have not tried as it would not suit my skin type. There are 50 amazing shades and it is an oil free foundation making it essential for those who suffer with any breakouts or acne. The finish is very matte and velvety with a special property in the foundation making it sweat and humidity resistant. It is a lightweight foundation that leaves the skin poreless and shine free and I can attest to this as I often use it in the summer months to give my skin an even skin tone. In the UK it currently retails at £27 and can be found online at Boots

Fenty Beauty Pro Filt’r Instant Retouch Concealer

This concealer is designed to mask sleepless nights and early mornings and I have to say the coverage is very full proof. I ended up with shade 390 however I could have possibly gone one or two shades lighter for a more brightening effect, despite this it very much is a full proof concealer when it comes to waking up tired eyes and the closer you shade match it to your foundation, the more likely the concealer can also double up for use as a breakout/ spot camoflauge concealer hiding dark spots and blemishes under poweder/ foundation to give a flawless even skin tone. Also included in this range are the endless array of shades (over 50) so you can end up with more than one shade according to what use you have for the concealer.

Fenty Beauty Pro Filt’r Soft Matte Powder

I have yet to try this powder alone, however I am highly keen to do so soon as I do believe it will offer just as much coverage as needed to cover my dark spots and blemishes. The powder is very high quality upon swatching and you can tell it is not chalky or powdery but has more of the velvet smooth finish known by the Fenty Beauty Pro Filt’r Foundation. It is definately a must try for the oily skin tribe as it really does mattify and provide a pore-less finish as you get oily throughout the day. Tomorrow I am taking the powder out for a wear-test as I return to the office and I look forward to updating this section to let you know how the powder got on setting my foundation. I may also include some before and after photos to demonstrate its effectivness. Thanks for reading and I hope this review was useful for those who are considering purchasing Fenty Beauty.

Fenty Beauty by Rihanna can be found in the UK at Harvey Nicholls or on Boots Online

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