Updated Oily Summer Skincare Rave- Tea Tree

I am about to embark on exciting laser hair-removal journey this July which should help to get rid of some of the facial dark spots i have been getting due to plucking around my face. The products mentioned in this post are still very much products I highly recommend, however as summer approaches one of the key pressing issues for me is dark spots which seem to get darker due to sun exposure. I never used to believe in it but sun-care for dark skin is highly relevant and a while topic I am very passionate about, and so willing to make future posts about!

For now I will mention my 2021 Skincare Routine and just mention a few changes I am currently using including the Superdrug Tea Tree Oil line which has been effective in targeting my oily skin summer breakouts I’ve been having. I also suffer from some hormonal acne and I’ve found tea tree to be a game changer in dealing with lowering the inflammation almost as soon as a breakout appears on the skin. The range can be found here:

My Current Skincare Routine-Oily Acne Prone Skin and Dealing with Hyper-pigmentation

I thought I’d keep this super simple to begin with. My skin type is quite oily and I suffer from acne scars, hyperpigmentation and from time to time I will get the odd pimple around my time of the month or in my oily t-zone. Coming into my late twenties I am quite confident that my skin is somewhat sensitive and there are only a few brands I can really trust to use without breaking me out. All that being said I find although these products are great for cheaper alternatives I would stick to the brands Eucerin and La Roche Posay which can be found in pharmacies and are much more affordable.

Step 1 Cleanse Twice Daily

I find it to be really important to cleanse both morning and night especially days on days when I wear makeup. It is a must as a makeup wipe will touch the surface and never give you a deep clean into your pores like a cleanser. For now I am using the Clinique oily skin cleanser but a cheaper alternative would be Eucerin Oil Control Face Wash or St Ives scrub. I always use this exfoliating scrub when I wear makeup to give my skin a deep clean. I have never tried La Roche Posay skin cleansers but I am sure they are very effective and hope to in the future. The best face wipes I have ever used are the Bioderma face wipes, although theyare slightly expensive they seem worth the £5. I also think. Simply face wipes are ok to use but not the best for deep cleaning only removing surface makeup.

Step 2: Targeting Imprefections/ Toning the Skin

The best products I have found for acne and oily skin which work really well are Witch Hazel the Witch brand specifically the blemish gel and stick. I also regularly use tea tree oil when I get a break out which helps to target the blemish. Another amazing product by boots is the Tea Tree and Witch Hazel Exfoliating Pads.

The only two toners I use are Clinique Step two as pictured or for a more affordable option the Eucerin Oil Free Toner does not break me out and does a good job toning my skin. I have also previously tried toners by Clear Essence who specialise in products for women of colour that are brightening.

Step 3: Moisturisers/ Face Creams and Targeting Hyperpigmentation

Even though it always seemed contradictory to me, the best way to improve oily skin overtime is actually to moisturise regularly because this can regulate sebum production making the skin less oily. Replenishing moisture canbe the worst,however an oil free gel moisturiser is best. I would really like next to try out products bythe brands Paula’s Choice and Glossier contemporary brands that best products to target oily skin with lightweight and mattifying moisturisers.

Step 4: Night Time Skincare Routine

I find it so essential to remove all makeup at night time and for that I am currently using a combination of micellar water and Palmer’s Skincare Makeup Remover Cleanser.

After this at night I use the Clinique All about Clean to cleanse my skin I then use a face towel in both morning/ night time which I was regularly and I have thought about investing in loin cloths or re-usable cotton pads as a sustainable option.

After this cleansing Step I tone at night once more with Clinique’s Clarifying Lotion or if I’m using the cheaper option- Eucerin Oil Control Toner

Some days I use the Ambi Fade Cream for Dark Spots overnight and other nights I try my best to follow Caudelie’s Vinoerfect night time routine. This is the priciest skin care items I own and a little goes a long way I’d say it is worth the price if improving the overall appearance of your skin after the blemish clearing phase.

I use: 1) Concentrated Brightening Acid:

2) Vinoperfect Dark Spot Correcting Glycolic Night Cream:

3) Vinoperfect Radiance Serum:

I find all these products to be effective and my night time routine is always so relaxing to me.

Lastly, at night I always use my Laneige lip mask before sleeping to moisturise my skin at night. Other lip balms I don’t find to be as effective as this one but I will also mention Nuxe Beauty a brand a love whose products I hope to try more of their Nuxe Reve de Miel lip balm is a long lasting everyday wearing going out moisturising lip balm that works really well on my skin.