Amalfi Coast: Italy Travel Dairies-Visiting Naples & Capri

Arriving in Napoli: The Pizza and the exploring the town

I remember deciding to go to Italy for the first time, just like it was yesterday. In 2018, my life was far from ordinary, and I was fresh faced from university with my best friend craving the best pizza in the world and a chance to explore a new city. We arrived like traveler’s my friend with her rucksack and me wheeling a small suitcase walking for nearly an hour on the cobblestones. The journey was slightly painful but so worth it, we arrived at our picturesque Airbnb a rustic Italian apartment with neighbours so close, they peak between the shutters and windows to greet you. Women putting out laundry and whistling and gossip, occasionally interrupted by the roar of the motorbike sound. Naples was my first introduction to something special and I had an authentic experience.

2018 Fresh Faced with my first taste of Italian Pizza a few hours off a flight to Naples in Dal Presidente Pizzeria

The place which I visited in Italy was ‘Dal Presidente Pizzeria’ where so many famous people who have eaten pizza here grace the walls including Bill Clinton and Sylvester Stallone… if I can remember correctly! I’d 100%. recommend this pizza place as the pizza was able to last us two days and it was affordable and yum! I cannot reiterate enough how Naples has some of the best pizza you will ever taste in your life. The tomato sauce is really sweet and the taste is unique and authentic.

Naples Pizza Guide: The following list is compiled together after doing some research and it is definitely full of places I would recommend (I’ve visited two of these places and the rest are on my list) There’s a lovely Youtube video I highly recommend which I watched the first time I went to Naples I’d strongly recommend you watch it for insight into what the pizza experience in Naples will be like. It is entitled ‘Best Pizza in Naples’ by Samuel and Audrey if you want a comprehensive and detailed view with historical insights. The most famous of the pizzerias is L’Antica Pizzeria da Michele where the pizza dates back to as old as 1718 and in terms of its historical presence in Naples (one of the oldest pizzeria’s in the world).

  1. L’ Antica Pizzeria da Michele- Where the Julia Robert’s scene from Eat, Pray, Love was filmed! One of the best Pizza’s you will ever try is from here!
  2. L’Antica Pizzeria da Michele Pizza Restaurant Address: Via Cesare Sersale, 1, 80139 Napoli NA, Italy Hours: 11AM–11PM (Monday to Saturday) Phone: +39 081 553 9204 2)
  3. Antica Pizzeria Port’Alba Pizza Restaurant Address: Via Port’Alba, 18, 80134 Napoli NA, Italy Hours: 11:30AM–1:30AM (Daily) Phone: +39 081 459713
  4. Pizzeria Di Matteo Pizza Restaurant Address: Via dei Tribunali, 94, 80138 Napoli NA, Italy Hours: 11AM–3:30PM; 7:30–11:30PM (Monday to Saturday) Phone: +39 081 455262 4)
  5. Pizzeria Dal Presidente Pizza Restaurant Address: Via dei Tribunali, 120, 80138 Napoli NA, Italy Hours: 12–3:30PM, 7–11:30PM (Daily) Phone: +39 081 296710
  6. La Cantina Dei Mille Pizza Restaurant Address: Piazza Giuseppe Garibaldi, 126, 80142 Napoli NA, Italy Hours: 9AM–12AM (Daily) Phone: +39 081 283448
The Pizza Scene in 'Eat Pray Love' Encapsulates the Movie's Biggest Blind  Spot | Decider

Capri 2020 and Travelling During a Pandemic

I have now been to Capri twice, once in 2018 and most recently I visited last year where the following pictures were taken. It’s truly a breath-taking and stunning place with lots of amazing stunning views and things to see. You get to Capri one way only which is by Naples from the port and the ferry ride is not too expensive costing around €20 for a 45 minute journey. Upon arriving in Capri, I’d say there’s lots to do for the fashion spotter/ shopper and for those who simply like to marvel scenic views. You can spend all your time taking in all the breathtaking scenery, and getting gelato. Capri has some of the best gelato spots in Italy in my opinion, having visited other cities including Rome and Milan. Nothing really compares to the gelato in Capri! A place I have yet to see is Positano however I am unsure if I have time to make it back to a place I’ve technically been to when I consider my travel bucket list, which involves several other European cities. I am going to add the stunning images from Capri and some recommendations I have if you’re planning a trip there. Be sure to comment below if it is somewhere you have been before!

Save some money for souvenirs as Capri has some of the nicest (actually classy looking) tourists branded items I’ve ever seen including hats and t-shirts alongside beach bags and beach hats. The beach area by the water is rock and pebbled but it is still picturesque. I’d definately recommend taking a pink taxi! My friend and I rode in one and it was amazing, taking us up some of the rocky cliffs and giving us a chance to see Capri with a much needed rest from all the walking. When you arrive in Capri there is a tram into the main town, where all the fashion shops are and restaurants/ main tourist districts. It truly is the nicest way to spend a whole summer day.

Outside the Versace store visiting fashion boutiques in Capri was the best window shopping of my life!

Another must-visit in Capri besides the array of independent and high fashion stores is the Perfumarie, the history behind this Perfume store is amazing. It is one of the worlds famous Perfume factories and you are able to see how and where Perfume is made with a Chemist/ Perfume maker on hand in the store to answer any questions, you may have and help you to make a selection.

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